I received a sample of this to review and looking at the ingredients I really wanted to love it! It’s full of lovely extracts, juices and oils (and it’s not tested on animals). However after using the product for a few days I have to conclude that it’s not for me.

Firstly the consistency is quite runny rather than being thick so I found it a bit difficult to “dose” the correct amount from the pot. I think a pump dispenser would be a lot better for a product of this consistency. I also prefer this from a hygiene point of view as you don’t keep sticking your fingers into the cream.

Despite the runny consistency it is quite a heavy cream and I could only use it as a night cream because it sat on my skin too much for day time wear. My skin wasn’t overly oily in the morning though so it was fine for a night cream.

The other issue I had with the cream is it’s strong smell. It has a distinct orange blossom fragrance which was too intense for me and seemed to linger for ages. My husband also hated the smell!

After 4 nights of using the cream my skin was looking good but unfortunately due to the strong smell (as well as the high cost of the product) I wouldn’t buy it.