Africology Anti-oxidant Serum is one of those “seeing is believing” products. Because the combination of the words anti-oxidant and serum describe a variant in many skincare ranges today, it was not without some skepticism that I began my trial of this product. Admittedly, I was more than a little interested in its 100% natural essential oils descriptor (it contains marula, African potato, rooibos and aloe vera), but the results are the real selling point. I have dehydrated skin so perhaps the difference after application is more noticeable for me. I had to try it for a couple of weeks to convince myself that I wasn’t imagining the effect. At night, in particular, when the day’s stresses have taken their toll and lines and wrinkles seem more evident, Africology’s Anti-oxidant Serum magically makes them disappear. In the morning, another few drops applied before moisturising felt like a much-needed boost for the day ahead. A little goes a long way, and it really works! – Debbie Hathway