This fragrance is just as sensual and the bottle, and that’s so distinct, this fragrance will never be mistaken for another, it is so distinct, sweet, it first comes across as spicy with powerful tones of citrus but once it settles on my skin it smells so sweet and strong, it hypnotizing your senses with its powerful undertones of rose, but almost a powdery scent of rose. The fragrance is incased securely in a metal tin which captures and almost restrains all the seductiveness until its sprayed onto your body. I was lucky enough to get a free gift with my purchase which was a jpg plastic bag and jpg body lotion. The body lotion isn’t as spicy as the fragrance itself, its more subtle and again the rose scent really comes through. I don’t want to recommend this to other women BECAUSE I WANT TO BE THE ONLY WOMAN THAT SMELLS THIS GOOD!!