I’ve never used Dr Miracles on my hair before and was a little apprehensive about the deep conditioning treatment. I was curious about the smell of the treatment as I usually (and incorrectly) assume most conditioning treatments to have a coconut scent to it – which I hate. Tearing the sachet open, the cream looked and smelled just like the caramel filling of my mom’s delicious peppermint tart. I had to stop myself from tasting it (it really was that yummy looking) and thought if this is what it could do to my senses, imagine what it could do to my hair!

After applying the cream and working it through your hair, you’ll feel a slight tingling sensation. When I rinsed Dr Miracles Deep Conditioning Treatment out, I was surprised at the silky and non-brittle state of my hair. The directions say for best results towel dry your hair, but who am I kidding, I take my heat styling very seriously, often on a daily basis (which is probably why I needed the deep conditioning treatment in the first place).

But the Dr Miracles treatment continued to protect my strands even through the rigorous heat styling I put my hair through – leaving it shiny, manageable and even feeling a little thicker.

It’s a pity the packaging isn’t reseal-able as a little goes a long way and I didn’t use the full sachet on my short hair. And just a small warning: this is a really intensive treatment and could make fine hair that’s only slightly dry and damaged oily.
– Megan