Me and relaxer creams have had a bad relationship over the years. This has mainly been because of how they burn my very sensitive scalp….and because of this, the relaxer cream never stays on long enough to give me silky straight hair.

I finally decided to try the Motions Silkening Shine Relaxer System. I followed the pre-relaxer instructions and as i applied the relaxer, i was surprised by how the scalp burning had not yet begun…because it usually starts immediately.

I managed to apply it to my whole head, did the smoothing proccess and waited for about 20 minutes to allow the relaxer to work its magic.

No burning happened through out this process. I calmly went to wash my and the relaxer came out. I washed with the neutralising shampoo, used the conditioner and my hair felt soft and silky.

I loved the super straight results i got! This is my new go to hair relaxer.