Every winter, my hands used to get chapped and reddened, because in a home with two small children I am constantly washing my hands, especially when one or both of them is sick. This was until I discovered the magic of Dove soap. With its 1/4 moisturising cream it nourishes your hands while washing them and doesn’t leave your skin dry and chapped. My hands are now always soft and smooth! No more red cracks!
The packaging is a very practical little box in white with accents of blue and gold. The bar itself is quite hard at first, but quickly softens enough to work up a lather. The shape is easy to hold and it doesn’t turn to mush after multiple uses, like some other soap bars.
Now I actually cheat a bit, when I am in the shower, I use Dove soap on my face as well, instead of my regular cleanser and my skin has never looked better! My skin is left soft and smooth, without a dry tight feeling.
Dove soap is always a fixture in my bathrooms and showers. I highly recommend you try Dove soap if you haven’t already! You can buy the bars in bulk from Makro and Clicks to cut down on costs too.