I must say that I really loved the smell of this product. It’s not to over powering and has a light sense on the skin. It’s got a soft feel to it but the appearance of it almost looks as if they never milled it down enough like other powders that could be because it is made from starch. It almost looks clumpy to me . Still great on the skin very smooth. I think they could have worked on the packaging more for me. The packaging probably would not have attracted me to pick it up in store. This lid also doesn’t seal as expected if you dropped it that could be half of it on the floor. I did try this on a hot day and noticed that it kept my foundation looking matt all day. I have never really used powder in a box like this but found it was hard to get the powder out to use it. I had to shake it up with the lid on and then I opened it and it would go everywhere. Overall the one thing that stood out for me was the smell. It is a good price and would recommend it still considering you get a lot in the packaging this could last a while and it does work!