I religiously used VO5’s hot oil as a young girl growing up. I didn’t have the greatest strands of hair. And since I’ve been a die-hard Hask supporter ever since they’ve entered our SA markets, I didn’t hesitate to give their hot oil a try. Firstly, the stuff is amazing. It does exactly what you’d expect it to and the instructions on the packaging are so easy to follow. In fact, the ampule is quite large so I manage to treat my hair twice from the same ampule. Secondly, it is affordable and since I’m getting two treatments out of the deal, it’s even better than affordable. It’s a steal! And thirdly, I really love that one is able to store the remaining contents until next time. The packaging allows you to break off the tip of the ampule for your first usage and then just by using that same tip (in reverse), you’re able to save the goodies in your bathroom cupboard without any fear of the last of them being spilled out. Every time I see it on the shelf, I buy it. I’d rather have too much than none at all.