I have high expectations for certain brands because of the research and technology that I know go into formulating their products. I do not believe the hype any product has and honestly don’t expect the “miracle in a bottle” claims companies make. I enjoyed using this product not because it lightened pigmentation marks or significantly brightened anything but because it was so comfortable on my skin. I found the Clarins Plus Brightening Hydrating Day Lotion spf 20( that name!!)absorbed well into my skin, helped my foundation/BB cream look better , when I was too lazy to apply a primer, and while the spf 20 was too low for my liking I felt protected from harmful UV rays while in the sun.

I suffer from pigmentation on neck only due to two pregnancies and I did notice the darkness has faded slightly. There has been no marked improvement on my face.

I so wish this product came in a high spf because it would be perfect, but going into summer I will probably have to look another product with spf 50. look forward to using this winter 2016 ;)