This replenishing hair mask is a miracle product. My hair had been breaking after I had colour treated it. It was dry and brittle and so, I tried this hair mask.

The first thing I loved about this hair mask was the scent. It smells absolutely amazing!

I applied the mask and left it in my hair for about 15 minutes to allow it to work its magic. Rinsing it out was easy and as I was rinsing it out I could already feel how soft my hair felt. I could not stop touching my hair as I worked my fingers through it. Brushing and combing it was easy as my hair was completely de-tangled. Even though hair breakage was not stopped after the first use, the second time I used this mask (a week later) hair breakage had definitely lessened.

This product is worth every cent you spend on it. It is pleasant to use and helps give use more manageable hair.

However, I do wish the container was bigger as you will probably use a generous amount of the hair mask each time and so, I will not last you too many treatments.