I have sensitive skin and am prone to eczema, thus I always read and re-read labels when trusting them with my biggest organ – my skin. I decided to give the Lipidol range a try and I am extremely impressed! I am currently using the After Shower Oil which comes in a 175ml bottle and is clear in colour. It has a very soft calming fragrance and find it is best used at night before going to bed after a relaxing bath or shower.
It is suitable for sensitive skin and is non-comedogenic (Noncomedogenic is a term applied to oils, lotions, and skin creams that do not block pores, thus not causing pimples). When I first saw “oil” I thought I would be left greasy and slipping around, but this is not the case! It is easily absorbed and my skin glows with a light sheen of moisture. I would really recommend this product and am keen to try the entire range!