Some pointers and info from the Sh’Zen team:

Hi ladies, thank you so much for reviewing the Sh’Zen Clearing Lotion. We would like to highlight the following:
– This product is a topical solution that clears and removes spots, however, it has not been designed to address the root of the breakouts. To prevent breakouts from occurring, it’s best to use a targeted cleanser and moisturiser that will do just that.
– The product will never scar your skin or leave an ugly mark, however, a pink sediment will stay behind until you wash it off.
– It is extremely rare that the product causes breakouts, so if you did experience a breakout when you first used it, it is more likely that other factors contributed to it.
– There is no medical evidence that suggests the Clearing Lotion should not be used by asthma sufferers .However, if you are sensitive to smell, try not to bring the earbud with the product too close to your nostrils when inhaling.