Let me start with the packaging. The silver box and the turquoise bottle is so elegant that it could easily be mistaken for a perfume bottle.

My ritual is to wash my face with a cleanser + facial cleansing brush, then I pat my face dry with a damp face cloth. The minute I squirted the fluid onto the back of my palm, I was blown away by the nice scent. I don’t usually use perfumed serums/moisturizers because of my eye allergies, but the fluid did not leave me with teary eyes, a plus in my books. The fluid immediately penetrated the skin quickly and nourished the skin. My skin was immediately silky smooth and not oily at all.

The fluid is very light, non-greasy and leaves the skin smooth and nourished! After a weeks my skin tone was greatly improved!!!

The fluid is a bit pricey but worth a buy…I give it a 10/10 rating!