Sophisticated, sassy and desirable. Three words I use to describe this perfume.

From the moment I first received my first bottle as a Christmas present from my sister (who I am forever grateful too for introducing my Kim K and I) I’ve been using this as one of my daily perfumes ever since.

The first impression of the bottle is gorgeous, an attractive bottle which captures the eye, illustrating the capturing aroma lurking inside. The shape giving an impression of Kim’s curvy features. Even when the sad moment comes that the product inside is finished, I was in two minds about keeping the bottle.

The smell itself is something even more special. When I’m wearing my Kim K, I get compliments from most of those who I come into contact with, making me feel desirable and sexy. The smell of the deep sandalwood tones give a sophisticated smell, whilst the feminine floral smell (not like that of your grandma, but a more modern, sexy smell) make you feel fun and flirty, making this perfume so desirable.
The product comes in various sizes, and the larger lasting for a long time.
This product is a must try. When I’m wearing it I feel elegant, yet fun, and at the same time sexy.