I have these is both Stingray (purchased as a stand alone) as well as Tetra (which came with my In The Moment eyeshadow palette).

These Smudge sticks are the wind up version of the Stila Smudge pots. I find the formula to be very very soft, so therefore I have to be extra careful and apply with a light hand as to not use too much product and make it last a bit longer time wise.

Because the formula is so soft, I find that it glides on very easily and hassle free. The colors are highly pigmented so gives of a rich, intense and vibrant color. It truly is very long lasting and stays literally all day (more so than my usual liners – Avon glimmer stick and Revlon Colorstay Eyliner ) But for the price of R200 and the formula being so soft, I probably wont repurchase as a stand alone product, but definitely more worth it when purchasing an eyeshadow palette and line duo.