I love lipsticks. My colleague and I are always drooling over the newest products on the market. I just looked at this picture and I am tempted to buy it. The packaging looks so modern, trendy and awesome. It is very appealing and the price isn’t too bad. I don’t believe in the saying that good things come at a high price… I always pacify myself into equations. An average lipstick lasts a woman about 6 months. Take the price divide it by the average lifespan of a product and then work out how much it “cost” you per month. So this lipstick would “cost me” R30 per month. If you ever feel bad about buying something expensive, divide the cost by the lifespan of the product and then you will see what it costs per month (that’s like 1 burger or so) and when you think about it, its actually not that expensive. I am so excited, I can’t wait to get my hands on this one.