This product comes in a beautiful pink box, which is compact and not over-sized. The glass bottle is also pink, simple and very feminine. This perfume is definitely targeted at young female fans of the One Direction band.
The smell is sweet – a little too sweet for me. Friends and colleagues noticed my new “smell” but were not particularly complimentary – most people agreed that it was too sweet. I would not purchase the product for myself (I’m 25 years old), but it is great gift for teenage girls and those who enjoy a sweet scent.
One of the great things about this perfume is that the smell is long-lasting and the bottle is also small enough to fit into your handbag, and carry around if you need to.
Overall, there was nothing exceptional or unique that made this perfume stand out for me. I would not purchase it again for myself but I would definitely buy it as a gift for younger female family members, who are not particular about scent and who are big fans of the band!