My overall experience with Aunt Jackie’s products are that they are ok.

Aunt Jackie’s products are pitched at curly hair consumers and in my opinion the products performances are fair given their prices. They are available at a variety of retailers both online and at selected Clicks stores.

I have tried the entire range of products and they work fine. The shampoo is decent. The detangler, conditioner and curl custard worked as expected. The detangler and conditioner however work better together than they do alone. In my opinion they should just be added together instead of being separate. The detangler is very light and alone it does not have enough slip to really ease detangling a head of tight coils. The curl custard will help to set curls.

However, the fragrances in these products are very sweet. They have very strong floral perfumes and caramel tones. If you enjoy sweet scents then these are the products for you.

These products made it to my entry level list due to their ingredients and overpowering candy scents. I prefer haircare products as natural in origin as possible while still being able to give decent results.

Overall it is an ok hair regime that will do the basics.

Love naturally
Silk Helmet Lady