This night cream called GALLIA ANTI BLEMISH NIGHT CREAM is a good night cream – it’s great that it is non- greasy, but even greater because they have added PRO VIT B5 TO THEIR PRODUCT. This products attracts the water to the skin and will hydrate the skin – which is what you want! It also heals your skin and best of all it regenerates the skin. Wonderful! Look out for creams that contain these type of products that have great properties. They have also added VIT C to the cream, as this again will stimulate collagen production, which is fantastic. Applying VIT C topically to the skin is about 20 times better than actually drinking VIT C and taking it in orally- very little in actual fact reaches the skin, when taken orally. The product is selling at an average price for all to afford – and with such good ingredients in, you can get a good product at a good price. Go get yourself a pot or two of GALLIA.What a GALLIANT IDEA- you’re worth it!