Yes, I can highly recommend THE REVITALIFT SERUM- it takes 1h to work ,to smooth out all lines, before you apply your make-up. It pulls into the skin, not greasy at all – skin is smooth to now apply your foundation. If you would like to apply your make-up before the hour is over,you will be able to, but will take 1h for full results to show. It is better to get up a little earlier, apply the serum while you have breakfast and do your hair. It plumps out all little lines and wrinkles,so now when you apply your foundation it will not go and sit within those creases,which emphasizes those creases. You can see a remarkable difference after the hour. It takes time for the skin and wrinkles to plump out, so that’s why it takes at least an hour.

If you are going out the evening perhaps, you can also apply it 1h before you get ready, you won’t have to re-apply again before bed. Other times you can apply before bed time, avoiding the eye are quite a distance away ,because the under eye area skin will also plump out, and you will have puffy under eye area in the morning. Use it sparingly, and apply serum quickly all over the face, as it absorbs quickly. I use it day and night, as it is concentrated, but if you like using the night and day cream, and use serum for special occasions, but the creams will take 2-3 weeks before seeing results, whereas the serum within 1h. It is best to get day and night cream AND serum to use in between. It lasts quite a while,so then price is not expensive for a very good product. L’ Oreal is the BEST I know of – treat yourself and you will see a huge difference in your skin.This the closest you will come to using botox, people will even think you are getting it done.