After a long, long, long wait, The Balm Cosmetics have finally hit the South African shores, which brought complete and total happiness into my life, as I’ve been lusting after some of their gorgeous products for years and one of those products happen to be the Mary – Lou Manizer, which I am sure isn’t a surprise to any of my reader, because every single girl is lusting after the “perfect highlighter”.

I purchased the Mary – Lou Manizer from Retail Box for R399, which may seem like a steep price for a highlighter, but I promise, it is definitely worth every cent! This multi tasking product can be used as: a highlighter, to add shimmer and as an eye shadow.
Retail Box’s review of the Mary – Lou Maniser: “Meet Mary-Lou Manizer, a seemingly innocent honey-hued luminizer that catches everybody’s eye. This highlighter, shadow and shimmer diffuses light so your skin looks softer and younger while adding a subtle glow. ”

My thoughts: Firstly, look at that packaging!!! It has to be the most gorgeous vintage looking packaging ever, from the box to the actual compact! It has a simple yet classy look to it, which I really appreciate, because it will definitely catch eyes when you whip this compact out of your bag.
The actual compact is quite sturdy and gives me a good feeling, as if my Mary – Lou Manizer will see me many good years, plus the compact includes a lovely mirror, which will make sure you see perfectly highlighted cheekbones every time. Excuse my pun, but ever since I’ve gotten the Mary – Lou Manizer, it has really been the highlight of my life! I’ve been playing around with it, since the day my package got delivered.

I find the Mary – Lou Manizer to be soft and buttery, feeling like it will melt into skin apon application, which is exactly what it does, no cakey feeling, no flaking, just gorgeously glowing skin every time. I find the Mary – Lou Manizer to be a little too shimmery for my everyday make up as it really highlights on my olive skin tone.
When I apply my highlighter, I use a soft angled brush to make sure I get a perfect application, I also apply my highlighter with a light hand, as this is a very pigmented highlighter. I do love the summer glow this highlighter gives me, making my skin look radiant and sculptured, a definite must have, to make sure your make up will always be on point.

My Final Thoughts: I’ve you’re willing to splurge out for this Mary – Lou Manizer highlighter, I say “why not?”, this impressive highlighter is a multi-tasker, and completely life changing, plus this highlighter will see you a couple of good years, mainly because the highlighter is so pigmented, you need very little to complete your look.