The Body Shop’s Clay and Seaweed mask is my latest beauty find and, oh, how glorious it is. I’ve heard of lots of people that go for clay or bud masks/baths to enhance the longevity and beauty of their skin.

Having a puppy who loves to give beeeeg sloppy kisses is great for the soul but it’s taxing on the skin. It especially leaves me (from time to time) with the odd break out or two. Which is how my skin was feeling when I went out looking for a detoxing mask.

So as it is my usual beauty regime, I steamed my face and gently exfoliated, then slathered on some clay and seaweed mask onto my clean visage.

It started to dry quickly and within 10 minutes my skin was feeling tight as the clay dried up altogether. I could feel the algae extracts and the clay doing its thing.

What’s next? Wash off the clay and moisturise as usual.

I have dry skin on a good day, so I slathered on some hydrated moisturiser because a detox or clay mask will draw out all the toxins and excess oil with it. The last thing you want is a toxin free DRY face.

This mask left my skin feeling softer, brighter and healthier. I felt the difference over the next week and other people saw it too.

The result:

– Smaller pores

– Softer skin

– Brighter complexion