During my teen years I had flawless skin. However, all those years of eating junk food and neglecting my skin has led to adult acne. It has increased over the years and it becomes very difficult for me to deal with as I am not used to seeing my face with all these scars, but I have found the best cover up. I live by this. I generally use a small squirt of the foundation and it instantly covers up my marks, I also have my birthmark on my face and the foundation does the trick. I simply apply a small amount to my entire face and add a translucent powder over. The MAC Pro Longwear foundation is the best. Over the years I have tried other foundations like Revlon, Clinique, Kryolan and even other MAC concealers but the Pro Longwear foundation does the trick for me. I simply love it. It is smooth and easy to apply as I prefer to apply my make-up with my fingers, it is non-greasy and doesn’t leave any streaks. It is amazing and blends perfectly onto the skin.