I recently tried the Rimmel Wonder’full Mascara with Argan Oil. At first I wasn’t blown away. I found that it required more than the usual amount of applications to get the desired result, but I couldn’t deny that my lashes were incredibly defined from the very first application. I am, however, all about that bass ;) I LOVE volume!

I have now been using this mascara for 2 weeks and overall, I highly recommend it. Yes, it may not give me that “oomph” that I am looking for after the first application, but how many mascaras on the market do? I find that two or maybe three coats gives me that “fake lash” look without the sticky, messy glue! What’s more, you can apply this mascara over and over again without it becoming clumpy! It is amazing! It must be the secret ingredient… Argan oil!

It helps keeps your lashes in order and as glamorous as ever! What I find really effective is using one of my slightly clumpier mascaras for volume, and then I apply the Wonder’full mascara to add definition and order to my unruly lashes.

I have found that this method is effective beyond my expectations! So what’s the secret to this amazing definition? Well as I mentioned, the argan oil is definitely a key factor! I love the applicator!!! The bristles are rubbery in consistency, which aids in keeping them firm during application and thereby keeping your lashes defined and gorgeous. They are also spread a good distance apart which further ensures Hollywood worthy definition. Finally, the applicator is curved which gives your lashes that professional, red carpet ready finish!

The packaging is luxurious and simply irresistible! It definitely stands out from many of its competitors and it suckered me into a purchase ;)

So there you have it – my experience and tips for using the Rimmel Wonder’full mascara.