I received this as a gift, quite recently – although to be honest, I can do with less products in my bathroom.
While my skin felt nourished – as a whole – this product is too much effort to use. If you have a multi-product beauty routine, as I do, the last thing you want to do is spend those extra minutes rubbing a product into your body (in my case my legs are over a meter long – this is A LOT of rubbing). It is thick and creamy, and eventually I thought I would use it to indulge myself on the weekend when I have more time. However, it doesn’t nourish my skin any more than my daily body lotion and I found myself not using it at all, and eventually giving it to my mother – who loves it!
The design of the container also leads to a lot of frustration. You have to scoop the product out – and that feels unhygienic and icky – I was also afraid that with the necessary vigorous rubbing it may go flying, resulting in globs of butter all over my bedroom (this didn’t happen, but I am more comfortable with being able to close the product between applications). Also, your hands are inevitable greasy after using it making it very difficult to screw closed.
If you have lots of time – possibly retired like my mother – this is a great product to treat your skin.