I was so excited to try this product and bought the full size bottle from Kiehl’s a few months ago. This was after hearing rave reviews about how it is hydrating without being oily, and how it soothes tired skin. I have combination skin with dehydration and really need a serum to help my skin out.

So when I started using this product my skin felt great for a couple of days (I only used it at night) but then I started feeling very oily and congested. I was suspicious about this new addition to my established skincare routine so I stopped using it. Unfortunately I still suffered a terrible breakout of small persistent spots which took months and many expensive (and painful!) facials to now have my skin back to normal.

I contacted Kiehl’s South Africa to request a refund but they were unhelpful in this regard. So now I have a full bottle on my shelf. I am too scared to try it again.