Let me start this review off with a confession: I do not own this product. I used it while I was at my cousin’s house before an event, so my experience is based off that one time. Having generally fine, limp hair, curls usually last for a maximum of about 2 hours. I’ve also suffered from a bad case of split ends so I am weary of hair tools that get too hot and damage the hair. This product had even heat throughout the barrel.
Using the wave wand, my curls lasted the whole night and still looked fabulous the next morning. I do not feel that it damaged my hair (although I did squirt on a generous amount of TreSemme’s Heat Protector Spray) beforehand. It was a great product overall and I would definitely recommend it.
That said, when compared to the wand that I DO own, it still pales in comparison. It is not widely available in South Africa but if you do get your hands on a NuMe wand, you will see that it is superior to the gHd one, but is also more expensive.