I’m not going to lie, I am a make up and skincare snob. However like everyone I love a good bargain – and here’s the catch – if it works! I read about the launch of the Catrice brand in SA in a trusted magazine (hoping it wasn’t just a press release I was reading and the beauty editing team had tried the products). Well I had nothing to fear, I haven’t tried this particular product but I have tried many others (had to buy lots as they were so cheap). What a fantastic brand, all the products I’ve tried really work, as they say “it does what it says on the tin”. They genuinely work, the primers leave the skin smooth, even smoothing out those little fine lines under the eyes. The eyebrow gel is fantastic and looks natural but filling in gaps as they should. But my fave is the lipstick that is technically colourless but on the lips gives you the most stunning natural pink lip as if it were the best natural colour you could have, think young children who still have all the lovely pigmentation in their lips which we lose as we get older. The best thing though is that it doesn’t leave a mark and stays on for several hours. Better than any balm or gloss. Please try this brand it’s excellent.

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