I LOVE liquid eyeliners and I think I have the art of applying a cat eye down like a pro. But I do often have problems with the staying power of these liners. They move and flake, crumble and just dissapear on you. I have never used a liner like this before. I usually go for the normal wand applicators or most recently, the felt tip applicator type which has proven to be more user friendly but with limited pigment and staying power. I want my eyes to stay perfectly done all day long as I am in Sales. Initially I was intimidated by the brush applicator. What a suprise this was. The colour is pitch black, very intense and so smooth. It really does glide on. The brush is very fine to create thin lines and wings but it’s so easy to build up to bolder looks. The consistency of the gel is not drying at all. It is almost like a mouse if that makes sense. Very light and airy. And best of all…This sits on your eye like a waterproof product. I use oil based removers to get it off. This is a holy grail product in my opinion and I don’t see myself switching to something else. You use so little, that pot will last for months and months.