I was ever so delighted when Beauty SA chose me to review a product. As you can tell it’s an oil-based serum. Unfortunately it came with no instructions, so I squeezed the lid of the bottle, only to fill the entire cylinder with oil. Too Oily, because I had to take a towel and literally wipe my face and hands. There after I ensured myself I would use the serum every night. In my before picture, there is a brown spot… After 5 weeks of using this product, this spot has lightened and taken a slight change in shape. I’m hoping (fingers crossing) that this spot disappears.

The product smells very nice, it has a florally-sweet smell. This bottle of serum opens very easily, with the lid of the bottle being the pump of the syringe used for the serum. Its packaged in a pretty pink little bottle, about 10cm in height, 28ml. The first week I thought this product was definitely not for me, as I felt it was too oily for my skin. I naturally (or since my late 20’s) have developed sensitive and dry skin. This product keeps my face moist (Obviously because its oil-based) and hasn’t caused any sort of irritation.

I was glad to use this product as I have a few pictures I took to see the difference. I can honestly say, that after 5 weeks of weekly pictures (and reminders to take them) I can see the difference. I would definitely recommend this product as its affordable and its works for MY concerned areas