I used to fill in my brows with eyeshadow only, which is super easy, but after watching too many tutorials on doing brows, I wanted to move over to pencil products. The colour on this one is great for me. I have very dark roots and eyebrow hair. I have quite thick brows, but they are quite patchy.

This works perfectly for that. The product glides on smooth and it doesn’t needĀ much pressure like cheaper, chalky eyebrow pencils.

However, I have to warn you that this is very pigmented and creamy. So if you get a little heavy handed with the pencil, you will end up getting drag-queen-like brows. You have to work very carefully, or else you will have to redo everything.

I did not like the weird brush at the end, at all; it is so difficult to remove excess product, as the shape is a challengeĀ to work with. You either transfer product to your skin around the brows, or you get the hair all messed up. I would have loved a normal eyebrow ‘spoolie’, which brushes out the hair while removing excess product. This just swishes it around from one side to the other.

Maybe I need more practice?