This exceptionally silky deeply pigmented blusher comes in its classic square black container with a see through lid revealing a winey pink blush that is surprisingly versatile and I believe can be worn by all complexions.

This 5g compact includes both a small brush and a mirror on the inner lid making it ideal for travel. At first glance the colour appears a little bright but on application with a single sweep it is sheer and on further application it intensifies… a look that can take you from fresh ‘flushed post gym glow’ to ‘sexy vampy look at me now sophistication’ when paired with intense lips or a smoky eye.

I love the way this blusher feels… it’s light, doesn’t cause my sensitive skin to react and literally brings my brown skin to life irrespective of how sallow my complexion looks.

This collection is part of the new range…. and how you would know that for Revlon fans is that the lid simply says Revlon not Revlon powder blush as previous collections have.

I’ve worn just this blush alone or paired with a bronzer for a month now and I love it. I will probably continue repurchasing.
You too should ask yourself… wine not?