The purpose of this product is to smooth an eliminate frizz, and it really works! I like the packaging, it looks high-end and is easy to use. It has a soft smell which is familiar, yet I cannot place my finger on what it is. The styling product does not leave your hair smelling, however, it did leave my hair feeling crunchy. It did make my curls beautiful and last longer- I am on the third day after application and my curls still look great, even after having my hair tied up for most of the 2nd day, which usually ruins my curl. I am very impressed with this product, regardless of the crunchy feel. It did not have a wet-look, which most products have. It does not leave a white residue after a few days and it still leaves your hair in an easy to brush state. Well, as easy as it could be to brush curly hair. Overall, I am very impressed with this product and would definitely purchase this product, regardless of the very steep price.