When it comes to eyebrows, one has to be very careful. I’ve had my fair share of IN YOUR FACE brows, to them looking like sqaure root signs, to them being so uneven I make myself dizzy by looking at them and so it goes on.

But with the help of MANY late nights, and LOTS of YouTube videos, I have finally started to make progress.

Eyebrow gels, oils and care are something I put at the top of my beauty regime. This little collection of hair has the power to shape and outline your fae more than you know.

This product has been one of my best buys and I highly recommend it to any individual who needs a brow pamper.

It has a lovley consistency, does not cause a break out and doesn’t leave the area feeling oily or clogged. It has helped the hair follicles look and feel softer and healthier. Giving them a nice shine and gleen.

We moisturize our hair on our heads, so why not treat and spoil this other significant little bundle of hairs that we so openly welcome?