I started to use Bio-Oil on a burn scar after I have seen the ad in a magazine. It really helped me heal faster and the scar disappeared after a while. One does need to be consistent with its use though and not forget to use it daily.

I have since started to use this product on my extremely dry skin. I have battled to find a product that keeps my skin moisturised all day long. All I can say is WOW! What an improvement in my skin condition, appearance and even elasticity! This is the only product so far that keeps my skin soft and looking radiant throughout the day! The improvement is remarkable and I will recommend it to anyone!

PROS: Works on anyone from babies to burn marks! It is so cost-effective. One only uses a few drops at a time. I love the soft smell (not overpowering at all). It really makes a difference to one’s skin if you stick with it.

CON: You need to use it regularly and not skip days (as with any skin care product). Be careful when you use it to not spill on your clothes and one needs to wipe the bottle from time to time. (A small price to pay for this remarkable product1).