Ok yes MAC lipstick is a little pricey but honestly they are worth it! Ive tried other lipstick brands and ive found they are a waste of my money really because I buy them use them once or twice and then never use them again. Once I moved to MAC I wear lipstick every day! They are just so creamy and have that signature MAC sweet vanilla scent. There is a wide variety of colour and even finishes, so anything from matte to frost to crème sheen etc. Honestly there is something for everybody. I keep two or three nude shades in my everyday handbag in case there is a moment that I need to add some colour to my lips as nude goes with anything and then I have a couple of their darker colours for when I want to add some drama to my look. Oh and how can I forget when MAC launches their signature collections, who doesn’t want a new fancy colour lipstick in an awesomely designed lipstick bullet?? You will never go wrong with MAC lipstick!