To someone who’s not a fan of One Direction, a pink box adorned with five disembodied heads may seem a little cheesy. The packaging of ‘Our Moment’ is less than impressive, which is why I was shocked by its contents and the beautiful scent that wafted up the moment I opened it. The bottle is quite literally a masterpiece – a lovely prism with a crown of pink and silver as the top. Just looking at it makes you feel like an adolescent girl again, but the perfume itself far exceeded my expectations. I anticipated a girly fruity fragrance, but the scent is surprisingly sophisticated, considering it’s a One Direction brand. The soft, floral notes linger for at least 5 hours. ‘Our Moment’ is a combination of sweet notes that will have you sniffing your wrists like a maniac. The scent is not overwhelming or headache-inducing at all. Retails for R475. Flirty sophistication in a bottle: girls and women alike will fall in love with it. It almost makes me wish that I was going to the concert. I would definitely buy it again!