Trying to find a nail file which can fit in your hand bag and not get damaged, bent or damage something else is really hard. As I was browsing for a nail file in DisChem I came across this nail file. For a nail file to cost R45 it must either be a crazy diamanté nail file or a really good one, since this nail file wasn’t a crazy diamanté one, I assumed it was a really good one!

When I got home I ripped open the packaging, and removed the nail file, at first I thought I had purchased the wrong product because it looked like a toy but I knew Tweezerman wouldn’t be a brand to let me down.

So all you do with this nail file is zip up the nail file holder (the nail file will pop out) and file nails, the nail file as a rough side and a slightly finer side if nails are abit weak. And once you’re done you just zip the holder down, no damage, less space taken up and a much more hygienic nail file (protect nail file from dirt, dust and make up)