12 Make-up tips from the pros


When it comes to make-up there’s so much to learn and soooo many videos to watch. We thought we’d save you some time and ask the artists who put in long hours of practice, can colour match virtually any skin tone at a glance and are responsible for curating and taking care of their own kits or brands at all times. Who better to ask?


Sharing their top tips are:

Andrew James – Lancôme’s National Make-up Artist and Trainer

Lucoh Mhlongo – Elizabeth Arden’s Celebrity Make-up Artist

Ryno Mulder ­– Bodyography Cosmetics brand Manager and Make-up Artist.

David White – L’Oréal Retail Operations Manager


Eye tips

  1. Want to know the Hollywood way of getting rested eyes? Draw an upside-down triangle underneath each eye with creamy concealer and blend it with a tap-and-roll motion using your ring finger. ­(RM)
  1. For fail-safe eyeshadow application (especially smoky and cat eye), do the entire eye first and then follow with concealer and foundation. That way you get to sharpen any lines and clear away residual powder that may have dropped on your face. Flicking up your foundation brush upwards and outwards toward the temple facilitates in creating the much-desired flick. (DW)
  1. After a late night (or a long day at the office), instantly brighten and open up your gaze with the whitest of white eyeliner pencils with a soft metallic shimmer. Urban Decay Glide-On Eye Pencil in Yeyo lined on the lower inside rim of the eyelid = magic! (DW)
  1. A basic but so often done wrong. Always apply mascara to bottom lashes first to avoid transfer on upper lids. (AJ)

Lip tips

  1. Want a Kylie Jenner pout, but are scared of lip injections? Dip a pointed brush into a liquid highlighter and draw a V along your Cupid’s bow (the centre part of the upper lip). (RM)
  1. For additional fullness of the upper lip, dab a sheen beige or skintone shade eyeshadow powder lightly on the very edge of the top lip. (DW)
  1. To create an instant matte lip, separate a facial tissue, place it over lips covered with lipstick and apply blusher in a similar tone with a powder or blusher brush. Remove the tissue carefully to reveal your matt lip. (AJ)
  1. Apply lip pencil after applying lipstick, only filling in the gaps, or where needed, for the most natural result. (AJ)

Foundation and blusher tips

  1. When applying foundation, stop 1,5cm from your hairline, then blend seamlessly into the hairline to avoid a mask-like effect. (AJ)
  1. To achieve a softer, more natural foundation look, use some concealer after applying your foundation on those areas that may still be a little imperfect. Be sure to dab, press and blend well for a flawless finish. A light dusting of bronzing powder applied around the perimeter of the face will also assist in warming up the complexion, giving you a beautiful sunkissed glow. Less is more, so start slowly and build as desired. (LM)
  1. Always match your blusher to the tone of your lips for the most natural result (for example, red lips with an orange tone should use orange blusher) and keep blusher to an absolute minimum by dabbing excess off the brush on the back of the hand before applying. This results in a very soft, flushed effect. (AJ)
  1. Create your own cream blusher by blending your primer and blusher on  the back of your hand before applying it to the apples of your cheeks. (AJ)


Got a top tip of your own you’d like to share with us all? Send it to us at [email protected] and we’ll publish the best ones.




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  1. Foundation tip no 9, I always had foundation on the edges of my hair now I know exactly what to do. Thanks

  2. Eyetips #1 & #2 are ones I’ve never heard of before and I’m quite eager to try them and see what happens, as well as the Foundation and blusher tips #9.

  3. Inspiring article and great tips from the makeup artists. I would love to have a complete makeover done by one of these creative professional artists.

  4. These tips are fantastic! I’m already getting excited to try them, especially the foundation and blusher tips.

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