6 tips for applying false lashes like a pro

6 tips for applying false lashes like a pro 1

False eyelashes are meant to enhance your natural lashes, and draw attention to your eyes. When applied correctly, they have the ability to take your eyes from pretty to va-va-voom, “come hither” peepers. Unfortunately, many people find the application process difficult, so they either opt for having them applied professionally, or don’t have them applied at all.

If you want to try applying them at home, you may want to go for individual lashes rather than a single lash piece that covers your entire eyelid area. This way you can control the effect more easily, and make it more subtle if you choose.

Follow these simple steps and tips to make your at-home application easy and fuss-free:

1. Never, ever use strip lashes with a dark base. They just look really fake. Strips with a clear base are much more natural looking and just as easy to apply. You can find them at most drugstores.
2. Remove a lash from the packaging using a tweezer(not your finger) and start with the smallest of the lashes.
3. The number-one giveaway of fake lashes is when they peel away from your skin at the outer corners of your eyes. The solution: Don’t use too much glue. Dab a teeny bit on the back of your hand and run the strip through it. Then, once you’ve gotten them in position, hold them down with your fingers for a few seconds.
4. Carefully dip the lash in the eyelash glue and let it air dry for a few seconds. Starting at the outside corner of your eye, gently place the lash in position, as close to your lash line as possible. Keep your eye closed and firmly the lash in place until it dries.
5. Work your way across your lash line, gently applying each lash as you move along. You will need between five and ten individual lashes, depending on the volume you want and the length of your eyelid.
6. Once all the lashes are dry, gently apply mascara to exaggerate and lengthen your falsies. For a dramatic effect, line your top lid with black liquid liner.

We love Eylure Naturalites Eyelashes Double Lash 202, R75 ­– try these professional lashes for an exaggerated, super dramatic look. If you prefer a single set of lashes (not the individual ones), you may want to try essence Beauty Secret Fancy Lashes, R55 or Urban Decay Urban Lash, R350, as they’re easy to apply and look like exaggerated natural eyelashes rather than fake lashes.

See, not as complicated as they are made out to be! Buy an extra pack to practise with if you’re a beginner.  That way, if you mess one or two of them up, you don’t have to leave the house half done, you can simply use your extras.

If you’ve found a false eyelash brand or product you love, let us know by commenting below.


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  1. Going to give this a try, always have an issue with the lash lifting on the inner part of my eye! Duo glue from MAC is the best, but it’s very pricey!

  2. I love the clicks brand lashes , they are affordable and always complete my makeup look

  3. Used this method to attach my lashes for first time. Was so easy. I am impressed. Will be buying more lases;)

  4. Bought individual lashes by Ardell. Didnt know where to start. Will use this method to attach them.

  5. I’ve always struggled with lashes, I think it’s because I applied too much glue. l will definitely try this method.

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