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A golden moment for South Africa as Justine turns 50

A golden moment for South Africa as Justine turns 50 2

Justine, South Africa’s beloved personal care, cosmetics and fragrance brand, is celebrating 50 years since changing the face of South African skincare by creating and introducing the iconic Tissue Oil in 1973.

Half a century later, still using science to get the best from nature, Justine has become a proudly South African beauty phenomenon that is idolised for its beauty and skincare creations, respected for changing and shaping women’s lives through entrepreneurial opportunities, and loved for its dedication to eradicating breast cancer and uplifting communities.

“The Justine story is a remarkable South African story that speaks of resilience, agility and adaptation to evolving marketing conditions as well as constant innovation that continues to be on the leading edge of beauty lovers’ needs,” says Mafahle Mareletse, MD of Avon Justine in Turkey, Middle East & Africa. “It is a noteworthy case study that casts confidence on South Africa’s capability and limitless potential to use science and nature to produce world-class beauty products. Most importantly, it is an empowering lesson to entrepreneurs on the value of identifying gaps in the market and finding solutions to narrow those.”

Despite the skincare product boom in the 1970s, Veronica Devine could not find a suitable product for her needs. Devine joined forces with an uncompromising cosmetic chemist by the name of Paul Symes and founded Justine, a company that is now the country’s pride and joy, respected and cherished for its phenomenal South African Tissue Oil invention.

Justine was founded on the premise of empowering women to be independent and be active participants in the economy. Today, some women have changed their lives and that of their loved ones for the better through income earning opportunities made possible by being Justine Consultants.

“The brand remains committed to the promotion of women in science through the involvement of female scientists in the development of Justine products,” elaborates Mareletse. “As a proudly South Africa brand, we have strict policies that ensure we employ local people since Justine products are manufactured locally. In our 50th year and going forward, we will continue making considerable investment in the community through involvement in the Thuthukisa together foundation which promotes early childhood development. The eradication of breast cancer remains a paramount priority for Justine and we will persevere with supporting breast cancer causes and being frontline activists against the disease.”

Looking forward to the next 50 years, Mareletse emphasises that Justine will embrace the opportunities that present themselves through advanced technology and the digital economy. “Currently, the beauty brand has leveraged e-commerce and implemented Justine e-stores where Consultants have access to their own stores, the Justine Grow App which enables Business Owners to recruit new Consultants, free digital brochures made available to customers which enables them to share and order and the Justine On App which helps Consultants to run their businesses, pay accounts and access a variety of innovative beauty products to share on social media to woo customers.”

With its 50th birthday celebrations, Justine is introducing a series of special offers, discounts, surprises, and delights on skincare, cosmetics, and fragrance products. You can keep up-to-date information on all Justine promotions by keeping an eye on Justine’s social media pages, contacting your nearest Justine Consultant or visiting their online store,

The proudly South African brand is also celebrating its golden jubilee this May by honoring the entrepreneurs who have been by its side, changing lives and sustaining the brand. There are many people who contribute to the success of Justine’s brand, such as tannie Irene Swemmer, a Justine Consultant who began her journey with Justine in 1978. “My philosophy is that we should never make a customer feel as if they are being “sold” a product, but rather educate them about the product’s benefits and how to use it, and that is the foundation of my business philosophy. Our goal as Consultants is to provide advice and guidance to our customers in order for them to make an informed decision based on their unique circumstances,” says tannie Irene.

Furthermore, tannie Irene asserts that “Justine’s products are so wonderful that anyone who tries them falls in love with them immediately.”

This post was sponsored by Justine.


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