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Johnson's new African Nurture rangeWe had such a celebration with Johnson’s the other day: there was singing and dancing, face painting and DELICIOUS food, and, obviously, bubbles. The cause for such a party was the launch of a new South African range of Johnson’s called African Nurture.


As you know, Johnson’s is a massive international brand, but this range was developed and designed in South Africa for South Africans to ‘deliver on the specific needs of African women’.

The ingredients are derived from African plants (think Baobab, marula, aloe, buchu, rooibos… you get the idea) because Johnson’s believes African plants are better suited to treat our skin types (doesn’t that make so much sense?).


Irene: I just love the design of the bottles, all brightly coloured and with a swathe of Shweshwe-inspired print swirling about them. The lotion is designed for African skin so it is particularly rich. It is also particularly scented – which can be a good or bad thing, depending on whether you like the scent or not! It does mean that the fragrance lasts for a good portion of the day, so you know you’ll smell sweet all day. And that’s always a good thing.

Zoe: I liked the size of the bottle – it’s nice and big and will last me a while, always handy in an economic climate such as ours. And, given that the price is already so unbelievably reasonable, that makes the Johnson’s African Nurture range an absolute bargain. The body lotion absorbed into my skin really easily and I didn’t have to spend hours rubbing it in. I did find, though, that if I applied too much the smell was a bit overpowering.

Ryan: Because I shower more often than having a bath, I find my skin usually becomes dry. So when I was given Johnson’s African Nurture Body Wash I thought: “well, let’s see”. I can say that for the last month or so, my skin feels clean and best of all, not dry. Add to that the refreshing smell of aloe and water mint and we have a winner! Thanks, Johnson’s!

The Body Lotion costs R9.95 (for 200ml) and R13.95 (for 400ml), while the Body Cream costs R15.95 (for 300ml) and R19.95 (for 500ml).

The Johnson’s African Nurture range will be available from July 2012 in all leading retail outlets.

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30 Responses

  1. I’m in love with the Energising Marula and Kigal. I use it together with the shower gel. It smells amazing and is super moisturising. I got it because I loved the colourful advert on television… I’m glad it did not disappoint!

  2. I have the Energising Marula and Kigali and I use it often. It moisturizes really well but I find it to be runny – which I don’t like in a lotion. It smells fantastic though. The cocoa butter smell made me nauseous after a while. This product is perfect for traveling – not pricey if you lose it but effective nonetheless.

  3. This is by far the best body moisturiser. I use it religiously. I have the Energising Marula and Kigali! FANTSASTIC stuff.

  4. I have the rooibos and cape camomile one and I just love it! It’s a big hit with my whole family

  5. I have the hydrating aloe and mint lotion. Smells wonderful but it’s a bit too thick

  6. the price is nice but i was not impressed with the cocoa butter lotion. i found it to be runny and it felt greasy on my skin. generally johnson’s products are good but i wont be repurchasing from this range again

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