Are hormones behind what’s troubling your skin?

Are hormones behind what’s troubling your skin? 1

Never underestimate the hugely important role that hormones play when it comes to the running of your body. They influence everything from your metabolism to your mental health and no organ remains unaffected, including your skin.

If you’ve always enjoyed clear skin and are suddenly experiencing a flare up of acne or developing pigmentation when you were never really prone then don’t rule out your hormones as a potential aggravator. Knowing the root cause of anything is important if you’re to best treat it and, fortunately, it’s quite possible to restore balance to a hormonal profile gone rogue.

All about oestrogen
Known as ‘the female sex hormone’, having just the right amount of oestrogen is essentially to healthy skin. If you don’t have enough of it, I’ll look dull and dry. Too much, however, be it due to a hormonal change like pregnancy or an oral contraceptive, can aggravate pigmentation.

Unlike pigmentation caused by unprotected sun exposure, hormonal pigmentation, known as melasma, is a little trickier to treat as it doesn’t let up until your hormones regulate. Thus, one of the first things we do when it comes to dealing with melasma at Skin Renewal is to assess your hormonal profile. There isn’t a ‘set’ figure for what your oestrogen level should be. It’s all about how much you have in relation to the other hormones in your body. So, if you’re out of balance, our goal is to restore the equilibrium, something we do often using bioidentical hormone replacement therapy.

Because balancing your hormones addresses the root cause of the problem it goes a long way towards resolving it, but we also treat melasma topically with proven products and in-office procedures. Speaking of which, we’ve come to realise that the best way to treat most skin conditions isn’t just with one procedure, but several that enhance each other’s effects.

If you’re dealing with melasma, make an appointment with Skin Renewal. A doctor will assess your hormonal profile, prescribe medication if it’s needed and suggest one of several Melasma & Deep Pigmentation Solutions. These range from basic to intensive and the solution that’ll suit you best will depend on the severity of your condition. To give you an idea, our ‘Advanced Melasma & Deep Pigmentation Solution’ is ideal for low grade melasma and includes a Simildiet SAMA peel that doesn’t require any down time. At worst, you might flake for a couple of days three days later, but you really don’t have to hide away. However, if your pigmentation is deeply ingrained and very dark, you could opt for our ‘Royal’ solution that includes a Ferulic Peel, an intensive Cosmelan Mask peel and two Photo Dynamic Therapy treatments to help speed up the healing process.

Let’s talk testosterone
Sure, it’s known as the male sex hormone, but testosterone isn’t exclusive to men in the same way that oestrogen isn’t just produced by women. As testosterone is responsible for oil production, having too much of it can lead to an excessively oily skin as well as acne.

Again, because of the testosterone link, our first step in treating acne at Skin Renewal is to assess your hormonal profile. (Interestingly, there’s also a link between acne and the health of your gut so we’ll run tests to take a look at that too. Having too much stomach acid or an overgrowth bad bacteria are just two of many ways in which your gastrointestinal tract can affect your skin.) If your hormones are the driving factor, we can help you bring back the balance that will go a long way towards clearing up your skin. We’ll also flex our 3D approach and treat you topically by suggesting a product regime you can use at home plus a course of in-office Acne Solutions treatments to help blitz existing blemishes as well as any scarring they might leave in their wake.

Again, our solutions range from basic to intensive with our starting point being the ‘Mini Acne Solution’. It includes a Beta Peel Lite and the application of a tranexamic acid serum to lighten up any post-inflammatory pigmentation (the pigmentation often left behind by a pimple). If, however, your acne is severe, you might benefit from our ‘Select Acne Solution’. It includes a glycolic peel and Laser Genesis treatment that addresses both active acne as well as redness and scarring.

The bottom line
If you’re experiencing conditions like melasma or acne don’t rule out the fact that it could be hormonally driven. If you make an appointment to see a doctor at any Skin or Health Renewal branch they’ll be able to run tests to assess your hormonal profile and help you restore the balance.

Balancing act aside, we can also address your condition topically with an array of in-office treatment solutions that run the gamut from basic to intensive. Because each solution is bundled to includes two or more complementary treatments, you’ll find they’re great value for money and the results are far more superior to what you’d experience from one treatment alone.

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  1. What is the cost of an appointment / assessment please. My problem is very very wrinkled face due to hormones that I don’t have. Age is against me in that respect (62)

    Thank you

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