Question: Question from Arlene Beukes

Dr Kruger, I struggle with INTENSE sugar cravings that start as early as 6AM and last all day. When it comes to sweet treats the word "moderation" does not exist. Is there a supplement available to suppress these horrible cravings?


Intense sugar cravings are an indication that you have imbalanced blood sugar levels, which are made much worse by high sugar intake. There are supplements that may help, but at the end of the day your diet and life-style choices are far more important in controlling this problem. High intake of sugar and refined carbohydrates will disturb healthy blood sugar levels and raise insulin levels. This in turn causes the sugar cravings. There are many supplements on the market which contains combinations of herbs and minerals which assist in balancing blood sugar levels. Water solluble extracts of Cinnamon are very effective in lowering blood sugar and insulin levels and will help with your cravings. A Chromium supplement can also help to balance blood sugar levels. None of these supplements will be very effective without an effort to reduce your sugar intake. Regular exercise will also reduce your sugar cravings and have a very positive effect on your blood sugar and insulin levels. There is a possibility of developing Type II Diabetes when sugar intake is excessive, so make those life-style changes sooner rather than later. Our Health Renewal team is very well equiped to treat conditions such as this. If you need assistance don’t hesitate to book and appointment with a Health Renewal doctor.


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