Question: Question from Mbali Vuka

Dear Dr. I heard about beauty supplements. What are they and how are these different from other “vitamins” I might add to my diet? Also what is Astaxanthin?


Hi Mbali, beauty supplements are nutritional supplements that enhance your skin condition and usually include vitamin C and amino acids to promote collagen, anti-inflammatory herbs that reduce skin irritation and antioxidants that protect the skin against environmental exposure to ultraviolet and pollutant damage. Astaxanthin is one such protective antioxidant. It is naturally found in foods such as salmon and prawns and it also gives our flamingos their pinkish feather colour. When choosing beauty supplements make sure that they have research backing and are from a quality brand that can guarantee the dose stated to be in the supplement as well as that they are free of metal contamination. Certain supplements react with light and must be kept in dark containers to preserve their effect. Combinations always have better results than one ingredient on its own.

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