Question: Question from Tanya Lawrence

If hair is essentially dead and cannot absorb anything then why are there so many shampoos, conditioners, treatments etc which one has to put on your hair if ones hair is dead – I just don't get it. Also thinking of purchasing a product formerly known as Rogaine or Regaine which is now called Minoxidal 2% – recommended by my pharmacist,he says you just spray it on and that he sells a lot of it and a lot of dermatologists recommend it for their patients. Do you think I should try it? I am just so sick of my thinning hair, and yes I have changed my diet too.


Hi Tanya, hair thinning affects almost all of us at some stage in our lives and there are a number of reasons, fortunately not all are irreversible. Although the hair shaft itself is essentially made of non-living keratin, it still requires moisture and binding strength to keep it vibrant. The base of the hair is quite alive and growth takes place in the living hair follicle below the skin. This follicle requires essential vitamins, nutrients, oxygen and a good circulation. These follicles are also constantly under the influence of several important hormones, some of which can even cause hair loss. So in summary: a good quality shampoo keeps the hair clean and healthy and can also provide some follicle nutrients, a personalized conditioner returns moisture and integrity to the hair to improve its aesthetic and minoxidil works by improving the circulation to the hair follicles, bringing more oxygen and nutrients to promote hair growth. Please also have your thyroid and hormones checked as well as your vitamin B and iron levels.

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