Question: Question from Samantha Jayy

I suffer from dark circles around my eyes – a genetic condition which my mother has and no amount of sleep can fix. I recently read an article which said that high salt intake (particularly before bed) can exacerbate this problem. How much truth is there to this?


High salt intake can cause swelling and puffiness around the eyes. This will be more prominent in the morning when you wake up due to the effects of gravity on your face when you lie down. If you already have dark circles around your eyes, any swelling or puffiness will make them appear more prominent. Excessive salt intake is a bad idea for several reasons and will affect your health negatively. It can lead to water retention, high blood pressure, kidney damage and more. I would definitely have to say that there is some truth to the article. Although high salt intake may not cause dark circles around the eyes, it could make the problem worse by causing additional swelling and puffiness. Always use salt in moderation and if possible use healthier alternatives such as Himalayan pink salt.

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