Avoid hat hair

Avoid hat hair 1

A hat or a beanie isn’t just a fashionable winter staple – it actually goes a long way in trapping heat and keeping your body warm when it’s chilly outside. But with a stylish cap comes all sorts of annoying hair tendencies – flatness, oiliness, static and kinks are all common characteristics of the dreaded “hat hair.” When you’re not using your bowler or beret to cover up a bad hair day, removing it could leave you self-conscious. Luckily you don’t have to sacrifice style for warmth. Try these easy tips to ensure your hair looks its best when your hat comes off.

Keep it clean

A lot of heat gets generated under a hat or beanie, the results of which are flat, greasy-looking roots. Alexa Chung’s hairstylist, George Northwood, suggests spraying your hair with dry shampoo as soon as you remove your hat (via vogue.com). “When you take off your hat, just tip your head upside down and shake a load of it through your hair to refresh the roots.” Spray on some dry shampoo and you should be good to go.

Choose natural fibres and a comfy fit

If you want to avoid static hair and flatness, opt for a beanie or hat made from pure wool, cotton or cashmere. Man-made and artificial fibres increase your hair’s static tendencies. The tighter your hat, the bigger the effect it’ll have on your hair – plus, your scalp is more likely to perspire if your hat is close to your roots, increasing your chances of greasy roots. Opt for loose-fittingstyles and floppy hats.

Wear it according to your hairstyle

Wearing your hat with your hairstyle in mind will help prevent unwanted kinks.

George says, “It’s important to put your hat on strategically, in the direction in which you want your hair to fall. If you have a fringe then don’t push it back in the opposite direction.” Let your hair fall in its natural direction, and if needed, secure it with a few pins before putting your hat on.

Don’t wear a hat over wet hair

Be sure that your hair is 100% dry before you put your hat on, as a hat will mould wet hair as well as flatten it (and it’s almost impossible to fix without washing it again).

Style it up

To combat the flatness associated with “hat hair,” crank up your hair’s volume before you put on your hat. Start off with some volumising spray and tease or back-comb your hair a little to increase its volume. This will add some height and padding, and prevent your hair from falling completely flat once you take your hat off.

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5 Responses

  1. I love the idea of adding volume before putting a hat on. Definitely going to try this in the future.

  2. My hair always gets static everytime I wear a beanie at least now I know what type of beanie to get

  3. This came just in time for winter beanie days. Definitely going to give the dry shampoo a try

  4. Will this also work when wearing a helmet? As I find my hair looks greasy and flat all the time

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