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Biopuncture: A more natural way to heal

Biopuncture: A more natural way to heal 2

Chances are you’ve heard about acupuncture but do you know about biopuncture? The two therapies are actually very different and, if anything, it’s a lot more like homeopathy meets mesotherapy.

To explain it simply, biopuncture involves injecting diluted doses of powerful plant extracts and minerals into your muscles where they can easily be absorbed by your blood stream and stimulate your body’s natural healing process. While it sounds like it might hurt, the needle is a small one that doesn’t have to go very deep, so it’s a lot less uncomfortable than a vitamin B injection. A safe and effective medical practice that’s widely used in America and Europe, biopuncture is still relatively new to South Africa, but Health Renewal has been offering it for years because it can deliver great results.

A little that does a lot 

Today’s society tends to be overmedicated and too many doctors take a ‘hit a fly with a hammer’ approach. Also, medications are often used to suppress a symptom rather than treat the root cause of the problem so it never really gets solved. In fact, many patients end up with secondary health issue caused by the often unnecessary medication they take.

This is where biopuncture really shines because it only requires a small dose of all natural actives with the aim of triggering your body’s own healing process. They ‘wake up’ processes that are already available, but have become sluggish, so, in essence, you become your very own turbo-charged cure. These processes might be to improve blood circulation, repair tissue, relax your muscles or detoxify, but as it’s your own body that’s doing all the work, you don’t have to worry about unwanted side effects or a negative reaction.

A bounty of benefits
Aside from being able to kick start natural healing, biopuncture can also boost your immune system. For example, Grip-Heel, is one of the many preparations that can be injected using biopuncture is a wonderful flu symptom reducer and Tonic-Injeel helps increase mental capacity and boosts your energy. This makes it very useful for students as well as anyone suffering from a draining condition like chronic fatigue, chronic stress, anemia, thyroid problems and arthritis.

Biopuncture is also a great complimentary therapy when it comes to pain management. In that case, one of the preparations we use most often is Traumeel as it’s well known for its proven ability to reduce musculoskeletal inflammation. There are also clinical studies that suggest that Traumeel can provide just as much relief as bestselling non-steroidal anti-inflammatory gels.

One of the many patients we’ve successfully treated using biopuncture is a fibromyalgia sufferer and she’s found the therapy to be very useful. You can read about her experience over here.

The bottom line
Biopuncture is a very safe and proven complimentary therapy that can be used to treat a myriad of conditions. As the preparations used are all natural and aim to stimulate your body’s own reparative processes you never have to worry about side effects.

If you’re interested in benefiting from biopuncture, make an appointment with one of the doctors at Health Renewal. They’ll be able to do a full assessment of your condition and can suggest the right treatment path that will be unique to you, be it a single shot that benefits your entire body or a ‘treatment zone’ session that will target something specific, be it a frozen shoulder or inflamed knee. Together, we can put you on the path to wellness once more.

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