Blitz those dry wintery bits

Hot chocolate, warm open fires and snuggle goose down duvets… Yip, winter definitely has it’s moments. However, a big steaming cuppa’s still not enough to compensate for the dehydrating horrendousness of a seriously cold chilly season. To fend off it’s not-so-pretty side effects, take a look at our bit by bit list of winter body besties.

Sure, they’re now pretty much living in socks, but it’s going to take more than a bit o’ fluff to protect your feet against the cold, winter chill. If you find that the skin on your heels or around your ankles is drier than usual, give them a blitzing with a pumice stone or foot file (The Body Shop No More Rough Stuff Pumice, R30, works like a bomb) and use a treatment like Clicks Nourishing heel balm, R21,99, that contains urea, lanolin and beeswax.   

clicks heel balm
Clicks Nourishing heel balm

We also like LCN Foot Soak spray*, R185. It makes use of 17% urea and lactic acid to help soften up dry skin, making it that much easier to remove.

LCN Foot Care Soak spray

Elbows and knees
Got scaly elbows and knees? Sort them out with a very gritty body scrub. Then, once they’re nice and smooth, keep them that way with a deeply hydrating emolient like Badger Evolving Body Balm**, R75 for a 21g tin. It contains a mix of natural mega-moisturisers like olive oil, castor oil and beeswax as well as soothing essential oils like lavender and rose that give it a soft, pretty scent. We also like The Body Shop Body Butter duos, R120 each. Each tub contains a regular body butter as well as an incredibly rich one for your bits that need extra hydration. 

Badger Evolving Body balm

Protect your hands from the elements with a rich, indulgent hand cream like Payot Nourishing Softening hand cream, R220 for 75ml. Aside from featuring a great mix of natural hydrating ingredients (think sweet almond oil jojoba oil), it also makes use of mild fruit acids to gently exfoliate dry skin. You can also keep your cuticles nourished with a hard-working nail treatment like LCN Cherry Blossom nail oil, R125 for 8mls, that makes use of almond, jojoba and amaranth oil.

Payot Nourishing Softening hand cream
LCN Cherry Blossom nail oil

Keep your face looking dewy and fresh with regular exfoliation and a slightly more hydrating moisturiser than the one you’d use in summer. We like Clarins Gentle Exfoliator Brightening toner, R340. It contains alpha hydroxy acid to gently dissolve old, dead skin cells and help reveal a brighter, smoother complexion. You can then give your skin the odd dose of mega-moisture with a treatment product like The Body Shop Vitamin E Sink In moisture mask, R105. Alternatively, you can learn how to make your very own hydrating face mask at home

Clarins Gentle Exfoliator Brightening toner

When plain water comes into contact with very dry skin, it can remove it’s natural oils and leave it even drier than before. To bump up your hydration levels, simply pour a little bath oil in your tub. You could also try a moisturising soap like Clarins Gentle Beauty Soap with Shea butter and hazelnut oil, R225. We love that its organic, smells like sweet citrus and cleanses while preserving your skin’s natural moisture balance. You can also use it on both your body and face!

Taking care of your hair in winter is a whole other story, so much so that we literally have another article devoted to the subject. To check it out, pop on over here.  

*To find your closest LCN stockist call 087 751 0410.

**Look out for Badger products at Wellness Wharehouse and selected pharmacies and health shops nationwide. 


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